Apartment Therapy: Chicago : saving the world, one room at a time.

BackGarage: Design First. Second Hand. : Good design for the budget-conscious. Includes a blog, internet findings and an etsy shop. Highly recommended by Flipping Out!

EireDynamics: Knitted goodies, and comfy to boot!

flatout design : Vintage 20th Century artifacts including furniture, art, objects and books; all intended to decorate your home, office, store or studio. American & Scandinavian Mid Century Modern, located in Chicago, Il.

I Am For Art: Local artist Amy Stern presents digital copies of some handmade graphic design work, as well as miscellaneous photography and drawing.

Lushpad: a unique online marketplace based in Canada, Lushpad hopes to clear through the clutter and help people make beautiful homes and impressive collections.

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