We love to shop.

Searching online for used goods can be tough. Sometimes you're not sure of the quality, you don't hear back from the owner or you purchase something and find out the listing wasn't exactly on target and suddenly the seller has disappeared. Flipping Out is designed to be a place where none of those things happen.

Scouring local communities for all kinds of things for home is a favorite hobby for many of us. Flipping out aims to provide a unique and easy place to shop classified ads with a personal touch without running from store to store. Here you'll find everything from name brands to authentic vintage goods to something totally random dying to be shared. (These finds are usually accompanied by an excited shriek.)

{about ordering}

+ what you see is what you get, each listing includes item details, price and payment information.

+ all sales are final once the belongings reach your hands.

+ we use PayPal for a secure transaction. flipping out will be notified of any purchase and contact you right away to arrange pickup. in the unlikely event you do not hear from us, please navigate to the contact page, or email flipflipout@gmail.com.

+ on some listings we accept cash. if that is your preference, please contact us about the listing.

+ paypal customers: between purchase and initial communication to schedule pickup, a refund may be issued in full, no questions asked. after such time, refunds will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

+ claimed listings may remain live until payment is received in full.

+ buyers are expected to pick up their purchases within two weeks of payment date. any "disappearing" customers will have their money refunded through paypal subject to a 10% restocking fee.

+ pickups can be arranged for the west loop area, or the western suburbs. we'll work to find something convenient!

+ rescheduling may be limited due to time constraints.

+ flipping out retains the right to refuse any sale.